Marc Cabeceiras - Vocals

Marc joined up with the band in 2008 and it became quickly apparent that they should have met up with him five years earlier. Being a guitarist as well, Marc is able to fit his vocals well with the guitar and bass lines and create excellent melodies that fit within the sound of the song, yet stand out enough to make the listener take notice.

With his own style of guitar-playing and strong vocals, Marc has helped The Woken achieve their best sound yet.

Eric Bissonette - Bass

Eric started playing Guitar with the influence of his friends, with the intention of becoming the next guitar God. Unfortunately slow fingers stopped that dream short, but in fiddling around with different instruments he found a liking for the bass – which made sense since the first songs he learned were the bass lines for “the Groove's in the Heart” and “Little Green Bag.” So his girlfriend bought him a bass for his birthday. It was soon replaced by another thanks to a truss rod breaking during his audition. But he still got the job.

Since then, the drummer and singer have been replaced (a couple times), but Eric still holds as one of the founding members in what is now The Woken.

Mike Laponsee - Drums

Mike began his illustrious career as a drummer in school, where he played in a band (or two) that rocked the gym. With influences such as Danny Carey and Neil Peart, Mike's 5-piece started lacking the tools he needed to get the sound he wanted, and he began building his new kit, complete with Gibraltar rack, roto-toms and just about the most expensive ride cymbal money can buy (ok, maybe not, but it was pricey). He played in a few other bands, but never really found someone crazy enough to appreciate his love of strange time signatures and eclectic style. That is, until he met Gordo. Between them songs began to form with 11/4, 9/4, 13/4 and some that changed times almost every bar.

Mike continues to work on his kit, with visions of double kick drums and snares, electronic drums, and enough toms and cymbals to block out the sun. He'll have to be lowered onto his throne by a crane. But Mike won't mind.

Gordon Omand - Guitar

Gordo began his guitar playing at the age of 15 with an old acoustic he found leaning against the wall of his parent's bedroom. This classical guitar soon got modified and adjusted and fitted with bronze strings. At 16 he and his dad built an electric, which didn't work out too well due to the hand-made fingerboard. At 20, he bought his first electric, a Vantage. By this time he had learned a few songs and was starting to write a few of his own. When he was 28 his brother-in-law, Jeff, told him he should be in a band, so he started Laid Out, a female-fronted 4-piece. Gordo did almost all of the writing for Laid Out, including lyrics, which, because of his influences of Pink Floyd, System of a Down and Rush, were based on his view of the world around him. This has continued with The Woken, but to a lesser extent, as Marc does a lot of writing as well. And between the end of Laid Out and the forming of The Woken, Gordo has built two more guitars, which are now his primary instruments. He also rebuilt the old electric he and his Dad built.

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